FridaMoji: The Frida Kahlo App

Download the app for free here.

We partnered with the Frida Kahlo Corporation to make a keyboard app of over 160 Frida Kahlo inspired emoji. Frida painted 55 self portraits in her life time and she was never afraid to show you how she actually felt. With the FridaMoji app you can express your anguish and passion as Frida did.

35 Emoji including a mix of animated gifs and static emoji capturing a wide range of Frida's passion and iconic work.

More FridaMoji
Additional FridaMoji packs available for purchase include emoji for Dia de los Muertos, a collection of Frida inspired hearts, and the animals Frida loved the most!

Having trouble with setting up FridaMoji? Read the on-board instructions under the "How to Use" button, if that doesn't help — get in touch with us via and we'll be happy to assist you.


Download the app for free here.